What is Kambo

 Kambo is a biomedicine naturally produced by the Giant Monkey Tree Frog (Phyllomedusa bicolor) found in the Amazon Rainforest. When under stress, this little amphibian secrets a waxy toxin through its skin as a means of protection. For thousands of years, this secretion has been carefully collected by local tribes throughout the Amazon River Basin for its medicinal and ceremonial value. It may seem strange to “treat” the body with venom, but many modern pharmaceutical therapies are directly derived from similar sources. Ziconotide, a non-addictive alternative to morphine, is derived from the venom of the cone snail. Captopril, an ACE inhibitor indispensable for treating high blood pressure, was derived from the venom of the Brazilian Pit Viper. The Southeastern Pygmy Rattlesnake and the Saw Scaled Viper have both given us life-saving anticoagulants used to treat heart attack and a range of other clot-related disorders. Exenatide, one of the leading treatments for Type 2 Diabetes, is derived from the venom of the Gila monster. Reptilase, Defibrase, and Vivostat all come from the Andean Pit Viper. And these are just the synthetic medications that have been approved by the FDA to date. Many others are still in development or clinical trials. As counterintuitive as it may seem, venom shows more medical promise for a wider range of treatments than any other naturally occurring compound. Unlike plant-based or synthetic drugs, venom is a highly selective compound. Like a key in a lock, most venom compounds have evolved to attack a single particular target, and generally, it won’t hit any other target with the same affinity. For this reason, a selective compound is more desirable as a therapeutic treatment because it is tightly targeted, far more potent, and less likely to cause undesired side effects. When venoms are used to synthesize medicine, individual toxins are separated and then studied to reveal the relevant receptors on human cells. Kambo is special in that it utilizes the whole venom (much like RSO utilizing whole-plant extract). So, rather than singling out one particular peptide for one singular target, Kambo provides a broad spectrum of highly selective compounds that target a wide range of individual systems in the body synergistically. And is one of the only venoms currently understood to do so safely. Additionally, because of this potent cocktail of bioactive peptides, the human body is uniquely receptive to Kambo in a way that is unparalleled in pharmaceutical medicine. Due to a combination of synergetic compounds, Kambo has the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier and produce its effects at the level of the brain. Unlike synthetic pharmaceuticals, which are often filtered and eliminated by the body’s highly intelligent defense system, Kambo is able to function at the cellular level because these same compounds are also capable of crossing the cell wall relatively unhindered, allowing human cells to open and access the beneficial properties of Kambo. In this chemical cocktail, we find peptides that perform hormone-like tasks, while others provide support for vital cellular processes throughout the body. And each one functions in tandem with the others to create a perfectly balanced combination of medicinal effects customized to your physical, mental, and spiritual needs. Because this medicine is produced naturally, as a force of life moving through the frog, Kambo is viewed as a living medicine with an inborn spirit and consciousness which sets it apart from the dead components synthesized for pharmaceutical drugs. It is this life force that allows Kambo to be tailored to your body's needs in much the same way that breastmilk is tailored to the needs of a nursing child. When the medicine enters your body the peptides that are needed for your physical and spiritual healing bond to open cellular receptors to facilitate that healing. Those that are not needed are purged with the rest of the built-up toxins in your system (because the receptors for those peptides are already saturated.) Thus, certain peptides become active and certain peptides become inactive based on your personal body chemistry to create an entirely unique and personally customized medicine for your exact healing needs. No other medicine currently known has this self-customizing characteristic.