Becca Cummings

becca cummings

Becca is a Lightworker and Spiritual Medium.

She has a strong connection to the spirit world, with the profound ability to see, hear and feel messages from Spirit.  

As a Spiritual Mentor, Psychic, Faith Healer, Reiki Master and Medium, she will utilize these gifts to act as a conduit for spirit, to help assist you in connecting with your Guides, Angels, passed loved ones and higher self. Giving you direction in living your best life and finding your spiritual joy. 

As part of her mentoring, Becca offers private sessions for those of you wanting to identify and develop your own gifts and abilities, for a better understanding and knowing of your soul’s mission.  A retrieval of the soul. 

Becca is advanced in assisting with healing traumas, grievances, and help with stepping into your life purpose and introducing you to yours.  She believes that with faith, love and grace, we can all be healed, we can all find purpose, we can find the way to the oneness and the connection that our soul craves. Becca is honored to do this work and excited to be a part of the evolution of spirit. 

If you feel pulled to find the pathway to healing, or guided to seek a better knowing or deeper connection, take that step and book with Becca.


Despite being involved in energy work for the last 10 years, there was still a little bit of a skeptic in me, especially when it came to mediumship. After my first session with Becca, that skeptic was laid to rest and I was able to receive the blessing of her gifts. I have had many sessions with her and they've all been wonderful! Working with her the last few months has been integral in my healing journey. She is an amazingly gifted medium and energy worker that I cannot reccomend enough.

Ned H.

Becca is very gifted! I came in skeptical, but after one session I became a believer. In the past six months of working with her, I have learned so much about myself. I feel much more like myself and know I am on my path of purpose. I am so grateful for her willingness to share her gifts ❤️

Tavish P.

Becca has incredible gifts!
She did a reading for my husband her ability to connect was on a very deep level. He left with so much clarity. She has a way of making you feel very comfortable and supported as well. Becca exemplifies Grace! 🙏

Tina B. H.