Finding your dragon power

When the Year of the Dragon was ushered in on February 10, it brought with it a promise of prosperity, abundance and good luck. But there’s a catch. Good fortune can only come if we practice compassion and empathy to the Earth and all its living creatures, including humanity.

Dragons are associated with great treasure, but the enticement of riches can often turn into the energy of greed. As we move through this year, can we be more generous with our time, talents, possessions and energy? It can be easy to give into the idea that the world’s problems aren’t ours to solve, but that’s where dragon energy shines the brightest.

Embodying wisdom and open-heartedness, dragons operate on a high vibration where we can’t see them, but we can feel their strong energy. Through myriad ways, dragons are protectors of this human realm and are here to remove obstacles with their fiery power.

As Earth moves into higher levels of consciousness, dragons will act as guides and mentors to help us adapt to the new world. It will be an era of global cooperation and collaboration the world has never seen. Dragons are part of that transformation, inspiring people to raise their vibration through spiritual connection, healing and kindness.

Specifically, this Dragon Year is an Earth Dragon, bringing opportunities for humanity to develop a sense of grounding and protection for this planet. Earth Dragons encourage us to let go of things we don’t need.

How can we simplify our footprint in this world? Do you have excess items you don’t need? Do you spend a lot of time acquiring new possessions that serve no purpose? How can you live with a more open heart?

Earth Dragons want us to let go of the heaviness of this world in order to create a lightness, a return to what’s necessary and a reminder that the only thing we need is love and compassion for each other.

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