The Ritual of Smudging

Indigenous Peoples have used sacred plants in ceremonies for thousands of years. Known as “smudging” the smoke from burning plants is used to purify, cleanse and heal. 

Because this practice is based on sacred tradition, smudging should never be done thoughtlessly or without intent. Practitioners should accompany any smudging ceremony with a prayer, a mantra or a positive intention, along with a deliberate respect for the tradition of the practice. 

Although different cultures use different plants for smudging, the most common plants used are white sage, palo santo, sweetgrass and cedar. Smudging can be used to cleanse a room, a home, an office and even our bodies. 

How often you smudge is up to you, but most people cleanse a space when they move into a new home, after a divorce, if they’re staying in a hotel, after an argument or in a new office space. 

Here are some tips to get started:

  • Find your favorite sacred plant (at Sacred Energy, we sell white sage, cedar, dragonsblood, palo santo and sweetgrass) and light one end until it starts to smoke. (Some people like to place the sage in an abalone shell to catch the ash.)
  • Set the intention for why you’re cleansing. You can use the sage to clear negative energy, invite positive energy, ask for abundance, clear your mind or invite new experiences.
  • Open the windows (weather permitting) and walk through the space, focusing on ceiling corners (where energy stagnates) and around windows and doors. If you’re saging your home, start on the lowest level and work your way up.
  • Repeat the intention as you move through the area. Some people like to use a feather or a fan to help move the smoke through the room. 
  • You don’t have to burn the entire stick of sage. When you’re complete with the smudging, set the sage down until it stops smoking.

If you’d like to perform a cleansing ritual for your body, focus on the top of the head (the mind), the mouth, heart, ears, eyes, hair back and feet. To start a body cleanse:

  • Cleanse your hands in the smoke, like you’re washing your hands. 
  • As you move the smoke across your body, focus on an intention for each area
    • Mind: to focus and be present
    • Heart: to be able to give and receive love
    • Mouth: to speak well of others, to speak truth
    • Eyes: to see the beauty of the world and its people
    • Ears: to hear truth and to hear the voices of others
    • Back: to stand tall in your power
    • Feet: to plant your feet on sacred ground
  • Sit with your intention for several moments and offer gratitude. 

At Sacred Energy, we smudge our space several times during the day. We also use chimes, drums and sound bowls to move energy and create high vibes in the shop. If you have questions about smudging, you can ask any of our team members. We wish you well on your healing journey!