Mallory Beau Sceili

Mallory Beau Sceili

I was born and raised in Salt Lake City, UT and I enjoy hiking, spending time with family, friends and my dog, Hanky. I offer intuitive energy work, support and guidance. My awakening journey took off in 2017 when I first walked into Sacred Energy Empowerment Center. Since then, I have blessed to learn, work with and be mentored by some very beautiful and gifted individuals; my intention is to do the same for you! My passion is to help humanity in whichever way that might be.


Personalized Intuitive healing, integration & activations * Generational timeline healing & clearing *
Emotional Release Techniques * Belief Work * Channeled Messages * Diamond Light Activation +
Attunement * Starseed *12 Program Divine Blueprint Upgrade * Ascension * DNA Activation * Reiki
Level 1 Certified * Clearing stagnant energy blockages * Simple ways to connect with your Spirit Team *Teach easy yet effective skills regarding your own Self-healing

My purpose is to provide leadership and support as you awaken to the love and beauty that resides with in!


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