As each person enters SEEC 
they feel the shift.

Sacred Energy Empowerment Center
(also known as SEEC)

Is an Empowerment Center and Crystal shop located in the heart of Murray, Utah. We supply a wide assortment of holistic items such as crystals, sage, tarot and oracle cards. We offer classes, host events, and connect you with a skilled team of energy workers that fit many diverse needs.

Sacred Energy offers a safe place for people of all walks of life to gather and simply BE.

Sacred Energy is well known for its Crystal Chamber, A place to release unwanted energy.
It is great for empaths that take on
other people’s energy.
 Stop by and check it out...

Wherever you are on your spiritual
journey - or if you just have a Love
for crystals -
Join our tribe at Sacred Energy.
We  look forward to meeting you and
sharing your energy…