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Will Millar

Card Readings Psychic Spiritual Guidance Seraphim Blueprint Energy Healing Will Millar is a professional Psychic and Energy Healer. One of his specialties is sortilege - this is a form of divination based on reading cards of all sorts. Will is a Master Tarologist working with both the Tarot and Lenormand. Because of his expertise, Will has been sought out by and has consulted with several Oracle card designers on how to design their deck. He has been dedicated to this skill-set for over a decade and continues to be. Will also has training in several other modalities including Jungian depth psychology, astrology, numerology, and Raja/Ashtanga/J'nana Yoga as taught by Swami Vivekananda and Sri K Pattabi Jois. Over the past few years, Will has been called to work more with healing energies; especially those on the Angelic current. His primary healing modality is Seraphim Blueprint facilitated in-person or from a distance as he serves clients all over the world. He also uses Dark Moon Energy and Sapphire Flame of Holy Archangel St. Michael as taught through the MayaStar System. Contact Will 480-232-8426

     Mallory Sceili

Intuition Development Divine Intelligence Readings Mediumship Energy Healing & Renewal Starseed Angelic Guidance Mallory Sceili offers intuitive energy healing and renewal, support, Spiritual guidance and Divinely guided readings. She also has a love in helping others connect with loved ones who have passed! She absolutely loves the work she has been guided to do and is honored to help others awaken to their own unique gifts. * Emotional Support through your own healing journey (verbal processing) * Sound Healing * Generational Healing * Womb Healing * Timelines * Light Codes * Spirit Guide Connections
contact Malory 801-836-3973


Energy Work/Clearing Card/Intuitive Readings Richard Hales has been providing energy working sessions and classes for three years, during which time he has also worked with sound healing and soundbath meditations. He has apprenticed in shamanism for one and a half years and has brought those teachings into his work. He offers card readings as well as coaching for going deeper into self reflection for healing. and Hapeh/Rapeh ceremonies. Contact Richard 801-888-3181

   Jorgan Olsen

 Changing perspectives,
 Breaking limiting beliefs
 States of wellness,
 Being states.
Jorgen Channels the ancients and provides intuitive processes. Jorgen Olsen provides intuitive mindfulness and meditation coaching through Japanese psychology as well as a unique base of spiritual based sound healing. Jorgen, is a long time practitioner and instructor of meditation. He is a steward and protector of ancient Shamanic practices though sacred spaces utilizing sacred sounds. This includes but is not limited to vocal resonance flutes, drums, and other ancient tools creating sounds that induce vibrations and states of wellness, awareness, changing perspectives, breaking limiting beliefs and being states. Jorgen Channels the ancients and provides intuitive processes.
contact Jorgan 801- 674-5626

     Chris Drake

We ALL have a story.  Wins and losses. Mess and success.  At times we just get plain stuck. There are three main causes of our stress and hang-ups in life:                                                        1) Negative Emotions                 2) Limiting Beliefs                            3) Internal Conflict                             LIFE IS FULL OF WONDER MEANT TO BE ENJOYED!
Working with individuals, couples and groups, I have spent the last 30 years studying the mind-body connection and human relationships and am dedicated to helping persons find balance and wellness in holistic fashion. Using a combination of technologies, tools and techniques, I provide the keys to unlock the way to FREEEEEEEDOM!! 

*Mindfulness *Time Techniques *NLP *Hypnotic Meditation *EFT (tapping) *Guided Imagery *Chakra Clearing *EMI *Values Alignment *Boundaries

As a Master Practitioner and Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy and Mindset, Life Abundance and Deep Healing Coaching, Christopher also holds degrees in Occupational Therapy, Psychology, English and Spanish. A lover of people, cultures and trails at home and abroad, he is a teacher, traveler, influencer, outdoorsman and a "forever student," working to help others set waypoints and connect the dots in their own lives. He is delighted to be part of the growth and healing the world needs, here at Sacred Energy as our resident “Happiness Guru” and looks forward meeting and helping you excel and achieve that which your heart desires.
YOU did not arrive here to merely live a life of mediocrity, but to OUTSHINE yourself, for well-directed, steady efforts can lead to tremendous results! 
(Se Habla Espanol)
Contact Christopher  (530) 559-2377