You will have the opportunity to dive deeply into a traditional kambo healing. In the safety of a supportive environment, under supervision of certified and experienced kambo facilitators. You may elect to sit with the medicine with a single session or a trinity session (mind, body, soul) which we highly encourage those deeply called to kambo, to experience the traditional “WARRIOR’S JOURNEY” Each ceremony is specially designed to help you form a deep personal relationship with the spirits of the medicines that will continue to heal and support you on your journey of healing for the rest of your life.

Kambo is a ceremonial medicine. As such, it is always applied in a sacred ritual setting. This ceremony is, in and of itself, part of the healing process, and has been refined for centuries to make the experience as effective and as potent as possible.
 To start, your facilitator will open sacred space - often calling in spiritual protectors, guides, healers, and teachers such as ancestors, elements, or the spirit of the frog itself. Once the space is consecrated and cleansed, then the actual ceremony will begin.

You will have the option before, during or after your session to partake in the use of Hapèh and Sananga. These are both traditional Amazonian medicines that have been used safely in conjunction with Kambo by the tribes of the Amazon and are recommended.

 Hapèh Hapèh is a sacred shamanic snuff that is generally a combination of Nicotiana Rustica (sacred tobacco, ash and various other plants, seeds, flowers, herbs etc. This tobacco is very different from the tobacco used in tobacco products like cigarettes that contain Nicotina Tabaccum. This medicine is administered through the nostrils where it rapidly gets absorbed through the sinus’. Hapè, is used during Kambo treatments when there is an energetic blockage, and can be used to induce purging. It is also used prior to receiving Kambo to help ground energy, clear any chaotic buzz, and focus in on our intention.

 SANANGA Sananga is made from the Amazonian plant Tabernaemontana undulata. The fermented extract contains various alkaloids, including ibogaine-like compounds. It is administered like eye drops. Sananga has been used traditionally to improve visions in the third eye, as well as treat a number of ocular conditions in the eyes. It contains powerful antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds that improve eye health. It is believed to clear “Panema” or blocked, heavy energy. One drop is placed in each eye while lying down. Sananga causes an intense burning sensation for a about a minute, but dissipates quickly. The experience is usually over within 5-10 minutes. Afterwards the individual has improved vision, groundedness, relaxation and sense of spiritual clarity.

For kambo to function most effectively, the medicine must be delivered directly into the lymphatic system. This is achieved by creating "gates"... small burns in the uppermost layer of the epidermis with a small smoldering vine. While this tends to make some people a little nervous, it is a fast process with a mild burning sensation. After the gates are created, the medicine is applied in small dots over the burns. Once applied, the medicine takes effect almost immediately. Within seconds you will feel hot or flushed, Pressure or pounding in your ears and or head, this is very common as the medicine sets in. Other symptoms can manifest quickly there after, followed shortly by an intense purge. Each experience is a little different, and reaction times vary, but usually the most severe effects of the medicine only last 15-20 min, with the entire ceremony generally lasting around one hour. It can be intense, but the brevity makes it more bearable. What to expect and how to prepare

Each Kambo experience is unique and different. No two people experience it the same way, and no two ceremonies are ever exactly alike. Your body chemistry and physical/emotional/spiritual needs will be different every time you take the medicine. So your journey with the medicine will be a little different each time. However, there are some commonalities that generally remain consistent. The following symptoms are the most common, but this is by no means an exhaustive list:
● Vomiting/Diarrhea
● Nausea
● Fever/Chills
● Pressure/Pounding in Ears/Head
● Sweating ● Increased Heart Rate ● Increased Urination
● Dizziness/Light-headedness
● Swelling of the Lips/Face ( "frog face" )
● Temporary Vision Changes
● Shivering/Twitches/Muscle Spasm
● Emotional Release/Disturbance
● Mental Disorientation
● Fainting (This is referred to as "frog sleep" and, while very rare, is regarded as an extremely deep healing, often referred to as a complete reset of your somatic nervous system.)

*Kambo is NOT psychoactive. Meaning the medicine itself does not chemically cause visions or hallucinations. However, some people do report visionary or spiritual experiences during their ceremonies. You may experience any or all of these (possibly others) during your Kambo ceremony. However, the key to remember is: purging is the point. All of these symptoms are ultimately manifestations of physical and energetic shifts happening at a cellular and soul level. Purging is what clears the way for these changes to take root and creates a clean foundation for whole-being health moving forward. As uncomfortable as it may seem, you really do want to purge, because this is how the medicine works. The purge is also what marks the end of the ceremony. When you stop purging or feeling nauseous, etc, this means that the medicine has done its work and your healing is complete for the time being. At this point, the medicine is cleaned off, and you move into integration/recovery.

Once the medicine is removed, symptoms usually taper off as quickly as they started. Within 1-2 minutes you should begin to feel "normal" again. But we encourage people to take as much time as they need to readjust. Again, this process looks a little different for everyone. But often, it is necessary for the body to rest after such an intense experience. You will be encouraged to lay down, relax, feel into your body, and take your time to allow your healing to settle in. Sometimes there are lingering symptoms that occur during this phase. To help solidify your healing as you come back to your normal self, it is important to take your time and allow your body to recover fully. It is a good idea to gently sip additional water during this time. During this time, your facilitator will often come around to clean and doctor your gates, which are "sealed" with a tincture of Dragon's Blood. This sacred plant acts as a natural scab to protect and encourage the gates to heal. Because scabs often do not scab on their own, this is an important part of the closing ceremony. Signaling the end of the ceremony, but also the "sealing in" of your healing.