Nukini Xiti rapeh

Is created during prayer and only by the women of the tribe, and therefore, it has intense feminine energy. The healing work done with Nukini Xiti rapeh is often deep, emotional, and profound. 

Nukini Xiti is indicated for colds, sinusitis, strengthening of mind and spirit, supporting spiritual work, and removing fatigue from the body. Consider Xiti for washing away negative energies and emotions to cleanse and balance the spiritual, emotional, and physical levels.

 This smaller and less known tribe spread over several villages has endured a history of domination by other tribes in the area. There are very few documents about them, and it seems that few people have researched them. Their rapeh is rare and sought after; people appreciate it for being refreshing and for its purity and fine consistency.

Our Nukini rapeh is traditionally made in the far west of the Brazilian state of Acre (Nuquinis Indigenous Area) by the spiritual leaders of the Nuquinis tribe.

Ingredients: Rapeh with Murici (Byrsonima crassifolia), and botanically unidentified herbs (BRAZIL)