● Phyllomedusins- stimulate smooth muscle, increase gastro-intestinal secretions, regulate the function of neurotransmitters (including dopamine and serotonin), increase permeability of the blood-brain barrier through vasodilation.
 ● Phyllokinins- relax smooth muscle, ease gastro-intestinal distress, increase permeability of the blood-brain barrier through vasodilation. Potent antimicrobial, antifungal properties. *Phyllomedusins and Phyllokinins work synergistically to produce Kambo's signature purgative effects.

Thanks to its powerful cocktail of potent peptides, Kambo has shown remarkable promise in treating:
 ● Depression
● Anxiety
● Migraines
● Cognitive Loss (Alzheimer’s)
 ● Vascular Insufficiency
● Auto-Immune Disorders
● Cancer
 ● Infertility
● Mycotoxicity
● Celiac's Disease
● Diverticulitis
 ● Chronic pain
● Hormonal Imbalance
● Addiction and Withdrawal
● Fever and Infections
 ● Emotional/Psychological Trauma
● Negative/Non-beneficial energy (Also known as- Panema) CONTRAINDICATIONS

 While generally considered safe when taken properly under the supervision and administration of a properly trained facilitator, Kambo CANNOT be taken safely with any of the following conditions or treatments:
● Pregnant or Breastfeeding
● Stroke, Aneurysm, or Hemorrhage
● Blood clots
● Low blood pressure (even with medication)
● Organ transplant
● Chemotherapy or radiotherapy (within 6 weeks)
● Immuno-suppressants
● Diuretics Other things you should consider discussing with your facilitator include:
● Auto-Immune Disorders
● Active Addiction
● Recent Surgery (6-9 months) ● Supplements/Medications
● TTC/Fertility Treatments
● Medical/Mental Health History
● Previous Plant Medicine Experience(s)

KAMBO RELATED DEATHS To date, there are NO deaths directly linked to the use of Kambo. However, several reported deaths have occurred due to complications with certain illnesses, medications, and chemical imbalances occurring pursuant to ceremony. Death reported due to immune failure in terminal AIDS patients. Kambo was not directly implicated, but was purportedly used sometime prior. *Death reported due to catastrophic cardiac events after self-administration of multiple Kambo treatments. Autopsy did NOT correlate the death with the use of Kambo. These are the only instances of Kambo-related deaths of which we are aware of. In all instances, the medicine itself was not attributed as the CAUSE of death, but may be considered a contributing factor due to pre-existing conditions or contraindications. We believe ALL of these situations could have been tragically avoidable had the users assumed properadministration of the medicine and adherence to commonly recommended preparations and practices. For the average healthy individual, Kambo poses no inherent health risks. And for those with health conditions - as with any medical procedure or treatment - precautions can be taken before, during, and after the ceremony to ensure a safe and effective experience.