● The systemic purge of Kambo often occurs in stages or waves that have different bodily effects. As such, it is recommended that you dress comfortably, and in layers so that you can adjust your temperature as necessary.

● If you have long hair, bring a band to tie it back during the purging phase.

● If you wear contacts, contact lens case with solution added is very helpful, in the event that you need to remove your contacts (either due to the effects of the Kambo OR receiving Sananga). *If you wear glasses, bringing a case with you to protect your frames during the ceremony is advisable.

● Bring a pillow and a light blanket, Once the initial phase is over you will want to be as relaxed and comfortable as possible

● Bring fresh fruit, juice, or coconut water to soothe your stomach. After the ceremony, you should snack on something light to balance your electrolytes,

● Bring a water bottle or jug to stay hydrated.

● We also encourage participants to bring a journal for recording insights and releases. And anything else that will make you more confident/comfortable during your experience.

The Days Before (2-3 prior): Try to eat as cleanly and wholesome as possible in the days leading up to your ceremony. Avoid fried, heavy, or processed food and anything particularly rich or spicy. Focus on remaining well hydrated by drinking plenty of water, and eating nutrient rich foods. Additionally, adding electrolytes (non-sugar) and Liquid minerals to your water/fluids will help prepare your body and keep your mineral intake balanced.

 Eliminate alcohol and recreational drugs in the days leading up to ceremony, as these can interact with the medicine and often cause a more intense purge. This WILL make the experience more difficult than it otherwise needs to be. This can be difficult for those with active addictions, but rest assured that the peptides in Kambo are especially adept at treating withdrawal at a physical, symptomatic, and chemical level. If you let it, the medicine WILL help. It is also important to note that colonic irrigation, enemas, liver flushes, and water fasting* within 3 days (before AND after) your ceremony is strictly contraindicated. *With the exception of the 3-4 hours you will fast, drinking only water, before your Kambo treatment.