What to expect with a Kambo session

Each Kambo experience is unique and different. No two people experience it the same way, and no two ceremonies are ever exactly alike. Your body chemistry and physical/emotional/spiritual needs will be different every time you take the medicine. So your journey with the medicine will be a little different each time. However, there are some commonalities that generally remain consistent. The following symptoms are the most common, but this is by no means an exhaustive list:
● Vomiting/Diarrhea
● Nausea
● Fever/Chills
● Pressure/Pounding in Ears/Head
● Sweating
● Increased Heart Rate
● Increased Urination
● Dizziness/Light-headedness
● Swelling of the Lips/Face ( "frog face" )
● Temporary Vision Changes
● Shivering/Twitches/Muscle Spasm
● Emotional Release/Disturbance
● Mental Disorientation
● Fainting (This is referred to as "frog sleep" and, while very rare, is regarded as an extremely deep healing, often referred to as a complete reset of your somatic nervous system.)

 *Kambo is NOT psychoactive. Meaning the medicine itself does not chemically cause visions or hallucinations. However, some people do report visionary or spiritual experiences during their ceremonies. You may experience any or all of these (possibly others) during your Kambo ceremony.

 However, the key to remember is: purging is the point. All of these symptoms are ultimately manifestations of physical and energetic shifts happening at a cellular and soul level. Purging is what clears the way for these changes to take root and creates a clean foundation for whole-being health moving forward. As uncomfortable as it may seem, you really do want to purge, because this is how the medicine works. The purge is also what marks the end of the ceremony. When you stop purging or feeling nauseous, etc, this means that the medicine has done its work and your healing is complete for the time being. At this point, the medicine is cleaned off, and you move into

Once the medicine is removed, symptoms usually taper off as quickly as they started. Within 1-2 minutes you should begin to feel "normal" again. But we encourage people to take as much time as they need to readjust. Again, this process looks a little different for everyone. But often, it is necessary for the body to rest after such an intense experience. You will be encouraged to lay down, relax, feel into your body, and take your time to allow your healing to settle in. Sometimes there are lingering symptoms that occur during this phase. To help solidify your healing as you come back to your normal self, it is important to take your time and allow your body to recover fully. It is a good idea to gently sip additional water during this time.

During this time, your facilitator will often come around to clean and doctor your gates, which are "sealed" with a tincture of Dragon's Blood. This sacred plant acts as a natural scab to protect and encourage the gates to heal. Because scabs often do not scab on their own, this is an important part of the closing ceremony. Signaling the end of the ceremony, but also the "sealing in" of your healing.